3 Legs Completed!

733nm down, 1,600nm to go. Tuesday’s flights went better than we could have hoped for. The wind was gusting 25 on departure from GFK, but it was right down the runway. Then it sat on our nose for the next four hours. That was a long flight. We climbed high for fuel economy and completed the first leg without an fuel stop, so our leg time was good (though our legs were stiff). Managing our fuel was critical on that leg and our decision to climb paid off.

On the second leg, we had gradually diminishing headwinds and then finally a strong tailwind on the third leg to Hastings, NE. We crossed the flyby timing line with 15 minutes to spare! Too close for comfort (landing after Air Race sunset time is an automatic DQ), but we made it! We closed out our first day of racing and logged 10+ hours in the Luscombe.

The volunteers from Hastings greeted us with roasted chicken and broccoli salad and showed us their impressive vintage aircraft collection.

This morning there are thunderstorms, so we’re waiting and watching what they do.

No thank you!
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