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International and Domestic Aircraft Acquisition Planning

Why Hire an Aviation Transaction Attorney?

Aircraft transactions are complex and high-dollar value transactions. Choosing the right aviation transaction attorney will reduce your transaction costs and minimize transaction risk by streamlining your aircraft acquisition or sale, ensuring regulatory and tax compliance, and providing a comprehensive acquisition plan for your specific needs. 

Jetlaw serves as your aircraft transaction team’s leader. Our transaction attorneys provide a single point of contact for the entire acquisition or sale process. As your transaction team leader, we:

  • Provide a clear action plan and checkpoints so your executive team understands the deal flow and timelines.
  • Develop practical aircraft ownership and operating structure that is FAA and IRS compliant.
  • Help you identify and coordinate aircraft financing.
  • Interface with your tax advisors to develop a tax strategy that maximizes the benefits of aircraft ownership.
  • Interface with your corporate flight department or management company so your aircraft is ready for its first flight as soon as you close the deal.
  • Support your aircraft broker during contract negotiations.

Jetlaw’s team of transaction attorneys includes experienced pilots, a former Air National Guard Crew Chief, and a repairman. Our industry experience guides our approach to drafting and reviewing purchase agreements and negotiating letters of intent. Our team can also assist you with:

Why Hire Jetlaw?

  • Jetlaw’s Attorneys are Pilots.  Jetlaw’s partners and senior advisors are pilots. Jetlaw owns and operates corporate aircraft. We fly in the same airspace that you do. We sign hangar leases, schedule maintenance, and attend recurrent pilot simulator training. We understand the challenges that your flight department handles because we handle those challenges too.
  • Lasting Relationships.  Jetlaw provides comprehensive aviation counsel for your entire aircraft transaction. We forge long-term relationships with our clients and continue to support them post-closing on their aircraft operations, regulatory compliance, and legal changes within their operation and the aviation industry.
  • Tailored Tax Services.  No one knows your tax situation better than you, and no one knows aviation taxes better than Jetlaw. We work hand-in-hand with your tax advisors to mesh the most current and advantageous aviation tax strategies with your tax-specific needs while keeping your structure compliant with FAA regulatory requirements.
  • Risk Management.  Jetlaw helps clients create aircraft ownership and operating structures that minimize risk. We advise our clients on mitigation strategies that include maximizing insurance coverages, implementing corporate or personal aircraft use policies, addressing hangar liability, and following aircraft operation best practices.

What Jet Should I Buy?

  • Jetlaw works with aircraft brokers, corporate flight departments, and aviation operations consultants to help you identify the make and model of aircraft that meets your needs.  There are dozens of factors to consider when selecting a make and model, but at a minimum, consider the following:

    • How many seats do I need for 90% of my operations?
    • Can I fill all of the seats and still be within weight and balance limits?
    • What is most important for my aircraft missions–speed, fuel efficiency, or range?
    • Do I want to make the jet available for third-party charter?
    • Is the runway length at my airport long enough for the jet to takeoff and land?
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