Tim R. Nuhfer

Emerging Technologies Advisor

Tim R. Nuhfer works with Jetlaw® as an emerging technologies advisor. He brings his experience in the design, manufacture, integration, and testing of aircraft primary and secondary structures to Jetlaw’s clients. Tim assists clients with building, designing and implementing manned and unmanned aircraft into their operations. Tim is Chief Engineer for the Jetlaw® Formula One air racing team.

Tim is an engineer and design manager at Structural Design and Analysis (SDA), an engineering and design firm specializing in large composite structures. SDA worked with NASA on the Lockheed Orion heatshield and reduced the heatshield’s weight by nearly 50%. Tim’s experience encompasses many aspects of air vehicle design, starting with aircraft lofting and performance analysis, preliminary and detailed design of structures, sub-system integration and test, and support of deployment and flight test activities. His experience includes working side-by-side with technicians building and integrating large aircraft like the Orion UAS.

Tim is experienced with metallic, carbon fiber composites, and 3D additive manufactured structures from his involvement in aircraft programs including Aurora’s Orion UAS, XV-27A LightningStrike, Boeing’s Solar Eagle, Phantom Eye, F-22 Raptor, E-8C Joint-STARS, RQ-4A Global Hawk, E-3 AWACS, X-47B UCAS, CH-53K Sea Stallion, S-97 Raider, and the Gulfstream G400 and G500. Tim has also designed and conducted non-destructive testing of integrated flight vehicle structures and destructive testing of metallic and carbon composite structures and coupons. In addition to working with NASA, Tim and SDA provided engineering and design expertise on the WFIRST Telescope, Blue Origin New Glenn Rocket, SNC DreamChaser, MARS Sample Return, Turbine Legend, and many UAV projects.


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Aerospace Engineering.