Aviation Mergers & Acquisitions Attorneys

Trust Jetlaw to provide comprehensive legal services for aviation-related mergers and acquisitions. Our team of attorneys and advisors lead deals start to finish, helping minimize transaction risks with practical, business-oriented advice.

We Know the Aviation Industry and the Regulations

If you are acquiring an aviation business or partnering with an investor, our team will help you mitigate risks and close the deal on time.  We can help you, whether you’re a CEO, General Counsel, or Private Equity:

For Buyers and Private Equity

We know aviation regulations and where to look for risk when we complete due diligence on an acquisition target. If you are looking to bring an aviation company into your portfolio, here is how we help you close a deal.

  • Our tax and banking advisors will help you value the business and determine a purchase price range with appropriate holdbacks or earnout payments.
  • Our regulatory compliance team will work with you to identify the appropriate scope of due diligence on your target, so that you can minimize deal risk during the transaction. Learn more about our due diligence options here.
  • We help you analyze the risks associated with your deal target and develop appropriate risk protections for the transaction, including holdback and earnout payments and employment agreements to retain key employees.  We are uniquely positioned to help you acquire an aviation business because we know where to look for the risk. 
  • We build relationships with the acquisition target’s team, which keeps the deal moving forward smoothly and with both parties on the same page.
  • Our transaction attorneys will prepare and review purchase and sale documents, closing deliverables, and make filings with the FAA and DOT.

Your Transaction Partner

Our team is experienced leading deals from start to finish, but we can also integrate with your existing M&A legal team to provide an industry-specific legal review of documents and a due diligence review focused on aviation risk.

Mergers & Acquisitions Don’t Have to Be Overwhelming

If You are Selling or Bringing in Investment Partners

Put Your House in Order

Before you take an investment opportunity to the market, put your house in order. Poorly kept corporate and aviation records deter investors and lower your EBITDA multiple.  Our team is experienced in aviation and corporate law. Our partners provide outside general counsel services to select air carrier clients, and we are experienced in helping companies prepare for investment and sale. Our team will help you:

  • Prepare for pre-investment audits, both internal and external, to find compliance issues and correct them before going to market.
  • Review and update corporate documents, record retention policies, and implement corporate best practices.

Going to Market

If you are partnering with a M&A financial services provider, our team will work with them to help you develop a Confidential Information Memorandum and management presentations. If you have already identified a buyer or investment partner, our team will help interface with the buyer or investment partner’s team to shepherd an initial term sheet into a closing.

Meet Jetlaw’s Mergers and Acquisitions Team

Our merger & acquisitions team brings decades of transaction experience and industry knowledge to the table. The team is led by Kali Hague and Kent Jackson. Our team includes:

  • Experienced transaction attorneys who understand business and write the book on aviation regulations. Our attorneys and advisors are pilots and come from air carrier backgrounds, so we know where to look for cobwebs in an organization.
  • Aviation tax advisors who focus on aviation
  • Corporate banking advisors
  • Emerging technologies aerospace engineer

Kent S. Jackson

Managing Partner

Kali M. Hague


Matt D. Mentzer


C. Edward Young

Senior Attorney

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