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Serving Up Liability

Earlier this year on a red-eye flight from China, I had the pleasure of sitting next to a highly intoxicated and unusually talkative German. As the sun rose and breakfast was served, the flight attendant cheerfully passed him another Guinness. He was happy. She was happy. I was not. Was

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Sharing Aircraft Under FAR Part 91

For U.S. Operators, charging someone for a ride in the company jet is a subject thick with claims and counterclaims, ignorance and outright bad behavior.  The arguments are old, but some of the consequences are new.  Today, the IRS may be more likely than the FAA to punish practitioners of

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Bona Fide Security Programs

The security provided by a company’s private jet can be as important as its utility. Since corporations generally take tax deductions for security expenses, the IRS created a tough, but realistic, standard for establishing that a bona fide security program exists. Click here to download full article.

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CEO Pilots

CEO pilots face special risks when flying because of increased pressure to accomplish the “mission” or to arrive on time to close a deal. The corporate board of directors should protect the CEO by placing limitations on the CEO’s business and personal flying and by hiring a seasoned, professional pilot

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Return of the Ramp Check

The FAA determined that increasing ramp checks will improve aviation safety, especially for Part 91 pilots. Keep ARROW on board but understand that the required list of items has evolved. Click here to download full article.

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Personal Flights in Corporate Aircraft

Since 1993, the FAA has prohibited executives from reimbursing their companies for personal use of company aircraft.  On December 30th, 2010, the FAA Office of Chief Counsel issued a change to Part 91.5019b)(5), the “Schwab Interpretation.”  Some, but not all personal travel by executives now meets the conditions for reimbursement.

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Aviation Insurance

The complex relationship between insurance underwriters, reinsurers and the financial markets explains why premium costs often fluctuate wildly even in years where insurance claims are low.  Since you can’t control the financial markets, what can you do to control insurance costs?  Get your broker and/or underwriter to visit your operation.

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