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Dynamic Depreciation

The tax laws allow an aircraft owner to claim generous depreciation deductions on business aircraft.  Slower depreciation can maximize deductions. Click here to download full article.

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Taxes on Aircraft, State and Local Taxation

There is no credit for registration or property taxes paid to other states.  This makes little sense where the registration tax is essentially equal to the property tax.  However, no one with the right facts has stepped forward to take this question to the Supreme Court. Click here to download

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Texas Two Step, Sales and Use Tax

States use their own weapons against tricks to avoid sales and use tax.  However, problems arise when a tax payer begins to string together a series of transactions for the sole purpose of avoiding tax. Click here to download full article.

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Business Use of Personal Aircraft

In some cases, and aircraft owner will prefer to use his own aircraft on company business rather than using a company aircraft.  The tax consequenses of such use can vary depending on whether the aircraft owner is a sole proprieter, partner, shareholder or employee. Click here to download full article.

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