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Jetlaw partners with organizations throughout the year to offer valuable, educational courses and seminars. Please check this page regularly for updates on existing and new courses.

Human Resources in the Corporate Flight Department

Hiring, retaining, and developing flight department teams has never been more challenging. This new course is designed to bring flight departments and their corporate HR partners together to discuss wide-ranging issues many operators are facing in today’s labor market. The target audience for this course includes corporate flight department managers and senior employees, human resource directors, and employees wanting to learn more about aviation’s impact on HR, managers and senior employees at aircraft management companies, and anyone wanting to improve their management skills.

NBAA PDP: Regulatory Compliance and Documentation

This course exposes students to the major compliance requirements of the DOT, FAA, IRS, TSA, OSHA, and DOA. Participants will work through recordkeeping techniques, best practices, and discuss audit standards and safety management systems. Participants will also learn how to spot red flags in aircraft operating structures (for example, the flight department company trap and aircraft registration issues).
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