Human Resources in the Corporate Flight Department

Hiring, retaining and developing flight department teams has never been more challenging. This new course is designed to bring flight departments and their corporate HR partners together to discuss wide-ranging issues many operators are facing in today’s labor market. The target audience for this course includes corporate flight department managers and senior employees, human resource directors and employees wanting to learn more about aviation’s impact on HR, managers and senior employees at aircraft management companies, and anyone wanting to improve their management skills. The Federal Aviation Regulations have an enormous impact on human resource decisions. Human resources decisions that are made without considering applicable FARs can have a negative and costly impact on an operation.

This course will open with a discussion of staffing levels in the flight department, how to fill positions (practical tips but also the legal side of what can and cannot be asked in an interview), and evaluating compensation levels. We will also discuss ways to present staffing needs to upper management. The presenters will then cover the legal aspects of conducting employee performance reviews. The course will close with a discussion of regulatory requirements that impact HR decisions (HIPPA, FMLA, OSHA, etc.) and how to develop company policies that meet the regulatory requirements. This is a discussion-based workshop, and attendees are encouraged to bring their “hypothetical” scenarios to analyze during the class.

About the Presenters:

Kent Jackson, aviation attorney at Jetlaw, LLC and type-rated airline transport pilot, repairman, and a former Part 135 chief pilot.

Kali Hague, aviation attorney at Jetlaw and commercial pilot, flight instructor and former regulatory compliance officer for a Part 135 operation.

NBAA PDP — Human Resources in the Corporate Flight Department. Contact Jetlaw, LLC about hosting a professional development course tailored to your flight department’s operations.

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