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Interchange Agreements

Your airplane is down for unscheduled maintenance, and the boss needs to fly tomorrow.  Your friends at the flight department across the ramp fly virtually identical equipment, and their schedule is clear.  Why not just have them fly the boss tomorrow, and you will owe them the favor?  If no

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Navigating Whistleblower Protection in Air Carrier Employment

If a charter pilot gets fired for repeatedly pointing out safety issues to the Director of Operations, does the pilot have any legal remedy?  The answer under state law depends on the state and is probably a definite “maybe.”  However, there is federal law aimed precisely at the issue. Does

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Staying Compliant With Time-sharing Agreements

The FAA issues press releases about multi-million-dollar civil penalties on a regular basis.  All too often, these cases involve aircraft time sharing agreements. Although the FAA has allowed time sharing agreements since 1972, misunderstandings about these agreements persist.  14 C.F.R. § 91.501(c) defines a time-sharing agreement as “an arrangement whereby

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Jetlaw Team Finishes Top 10 in Air Race Classic!

Robin and Kali finished the 46th Air Race Classic 10 minutes before the deadline. With weather delays, they flew every minute of daylight during the four days of racing, logging more than 30 hours of flight time with no autopilot. The final timing line was a flyover point twenty minutes

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We Made It!

2,333 nm and we landed before the race deadline. Time for sleep. Another update to follow tomorrow.

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