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Formula One Pit Crew of the Year

The Once More team won the award for Formula One Pit Crew of the Year at the STIHL National Championship Air Races! The award recognizes the crew’s commitment to professionalism and safety.

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Kent Jackson Takes 6th Place

Kent Jackson took 6th place in Formula 1 at the STIHL National Championship Air Races in Reno, NV! Congratulations to the Once More team on an outstanding week of air racing.

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Kent Places 5th in Gold Heat Race

Kent placed 5th in yesterday’s Gold heat race. The race plane is performing exceptionally well, and Kent is flying a tight, fast line. He’s looking great in the course.  Fans can watch Kent fly live today on YouTube around 2 PM EST, 11 AM PT by clicking here, or watching

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A Path to Urban Air Mobility

How will the FAA use the strong foundations of existing charter UAM operations to build the future? Understanding Urban Air Mobility of the future is defined by Urban Air Mobility of the present.

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Know the Risks of Serving Alcohol on Flights

Operators and crewmembers who violate the stringent Federal Aviation Regulations on boarding intoxicated passengers and serving alcohol during the flight face FAA certificate action. Find out why and what risks serving alcohol might present.

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