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Race 27 Arrives at Reno

Race 27 Once More arrived in Reno on Wednesday after a challenging drive across the country from Manassas, VA. The team is working in the Formula 1 hangar to reassemble the aircraft. More Formula 1 race planes and crews will arrive today and Saturday morning.


Meet the Team

Race Pilot: Kent Jackson Kent started racing at the National Championship Air Races in 2016 with his grade school friend, Paul Newman. After sharing Fast and Easy Race 26 the first year, Kent purchased a 1974 Cassutt III M, which became Once More Race 27. After the 2017 race, Kent’s team began


2021 RENO

The STIHL National Championship Air Races are back at Reno, NV, and Jetlaw’s One More Race 27 team is faster than ever. During the last two years, the team overhauled the Continental O-200 engine, built a new carbon fiber cowling, redesigned the canopy to reduce drag and increase the pilot’s


Sharing Aircraft Under Part 91

When Does “Sharing” Become Illegal Charter? The FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 contains a section entitled “Report on Illegal Charter Flights.” The law includes several requirements to identify and combat illegal charter flights. The FAA has been revising inspector guidelines. They even sent a letter to every pilot on record



Do You Feel Lucky? Even before Covid-19, the aviation insurance had become painful for aircraft operators. Aircraft owners are seeing premium increases in the 20%-30% range on all renewals. Owners with recent claims are experiencing even higher premium increases. Why? The aviation insurance market ended an unusually long “soft” market.


Base Inspections for Part 91 Flight Departments

The FAA is Coming For years the FAA’s lack of budget dictated cut backs on “non-essential travel” to places like: airports. Budget cutbacks also resulted in Flight Standards Offices (formerly known as FSDOs, or GADOs if you are older) migrating from convenient airport office buildings to cheaper office parks that are