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2019 RENO

Right after the last race of 2018, the team was talking about the need for speed in 2019.


2018 RENO

Once More, Race #27 Goes Carbon Fiber. A little. 2018 was a transition year for Once More.  We replaced the wooden “slab wing” with a carbon fiber wing.  But the fuselage and empennage were the original tube & fabric dating back to 1974. Once the hard work was done by


2016 RENO

In 6th Grade, the teacher handed out modeling clay.  I made an airplane.  I turned around, and the kid behind me had also made an airplane.  Paul Newman has been my friend ever since. 2016 Reno National Championship Air Races:  Paul Newman convinces me to go 50/50 on buying an


ADS-B Installation: Here’s What Happened to Me

First the Good NewsThe FAA is offering $500 rebates with the purchase avionics that have received an ADS-B Technical Standard Order authorization and meet ADS-B Out rule requirements. The rebate, which applies to owners of fixed-wing, single-engine piston aircraft, will run until October 11, 2019 or until the funds run


Increasing Charter Air Transportation Options

DOT Issues Charter Broker RegulationsThe NTSB called for regulation of air charter brokers after a charter flight crash in Montrose, Colo., in 2014. Fourteen years later, the DOT has published a new set of regulations entitled “Increasing Charter Air Transportation Options.” These new air charter broker regulations provide much needed


Selling Used Aircraft

“As-is, where-is, with all faults accepted.” Although I believe that the origin of this phrase was an old English wedding vow for the serially betrothed, today it is common legal phraseology for the sale of used equipment without any warranty.  The simpler Latin phrase is “Caveat emptor”: Buyer beware. Click here


Inflight Medical Emergencies

What are the practical and legal considerations when a passenger or crewmember becomes ill in flight? For the larger air carriers and operators of large business aircraft, a flight attendant is usually available to deal with the inflight medical emergency of a passenger or even a crewmember.  But what about


Sharing Aircraft: Where is the line between FAR Part 91 and Part 135?

Congress recently clarified that aircraft management fees should not be subject to Federal Excise Tax (FET), nor should flights be operated by the aircraft owner.  However, there are still many gray areas for business flight operations that want to collect reimbursement for flights without taking on FAR Part 135 certifications.  Read