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Declaring an Emergency – Maydays Should be Free

I compete in Formula One air racing, so one week out of each year, CFR means “Crash, Fire, Rescue” instead of “Code of Federal Regulations.”  Each year at the air races in Reno, NV, the safety team repeats their mantra that “Maydays are Free!”  The safety folks remind us that

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Pilot Records Database

The new Pilots Records Database (PRD) maintains employer and FAA records on your performance as a pilot for life. Learn more about the PRD and who can access it.

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Kent takes 4th Place in Formula 1 Gold Race

We are excited to announce that Kent placed 4th in the National Championship Air Races Formula 1 Gold race on Sunday. The team’s modifications to the plane increased its speed substantially, moving up nine places over their 2018 finish in 5th place Silver. Kent flew tight lines on the course,

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Kent Places 3rd in First Gold Race

After qualifying 4th overall, Kent finished the first Gold race in 3rd place, gaining one position. Kent’s tight lines on the course and precise turns held off 4th place veteran racer Sleeper in Race 81. Kent flies tomorrow at 9am PDT in the second Gold heat race. His 3rd place

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The Race Start

Formula One starts each race with a formation takeoff. Eight planes line up in rows of 3-2-3. Planes stage on the runway 10 minutes before race start. Each team has a tow vehicle with a tow bar to pull the plane from its pit to the runway. After the tow

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First Race Thursday

Kent competes in his first Gold race tomorrow morning. The team had practice time on the course this morning and Kent filled in as the seventh plane in today’s Silver race. When a race heat is not full, planes that qualified faster than the heat that is racing have the

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