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Kent Jackson gets ready for AirRace1 Thailand
Kali M. Hague | November 2, 2017

After taking 1st place in a qualifying race at Reno Championship Air Races, Kent Jackson gets ready to compete at AirRace1 in Thailand. Kent Jackson, Team Jetlaw"These things don't fly like anything else"🛩Team Jetlaw pilot Kent Jackson gets ready for #AirRace 1 World Cup in Thailand, which begins on 17 November.➡www.airrace1.comPosted by Air Race 1 World […]

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Air Charter Broker Rules: What Law Governs?
Kent S. Jackson | September 12, 2017

The DOT published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to require air charter broker disclosures. That was back in 2013. Prior to this proposal, the NTSB began calling for such a regulation after the 2004 charter flight crash in Montrose, Colorado.  How is the DOT regulating “unfair and deceptive practices,” which are prohibited by statute, without […]

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FAA Pilot Record Database: The New PRIA
Kali M. Hague | February 12, 2017

The FAA is deploying a new database of pilot information to replace the cumbersome PRIA request process. PRD will automate the PRIA process. Phase I of The Pilot Records Database (PRD) rolls out early this year. The remaining phases will deploy over the next few years. What does this mean for Part 91 and Part […]

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Avoid Boilerplate Aircraft Purchase Agreements
Michael D. Kolich | January 27, 2017

The days of boilerplate aircraft purchase agreements are long over. (If they were ever here in the first place.) New regulations – whether from the FAA, IRS or from financial institutions – are continually added or change on a regular basis. Your first line of defense against unexpected difficulties at closing is the aircraft purchase agreement. You […]

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The Questions You Need To Ask Before Financing An Aircraft
Kent S. Jackson | November 15, 2016

After careful consideration, you have found the jet that fits your business and lifestyle goals. Competitive terms and rock bottom interest rates have once again made aircraft financing an attractive option.  Before making the decision to engage in or forgo financing, consider the following questions and discuss them with a trusted advisor.To Finance or Not […]

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Part 135 AOG: Drug & Alcohol Testing for Mechanics
Kent S. Jackson | November 8, 2016

Welcome to the Bahamas! After landing, the PIC notices a damaged part which requires emergency maintenance. The 135 operator is now AOG in a foreign country. The foreign airport has a licensed A&P mechanic that is qualified to perform the work, but the mechanic is not in a Part 135 AOG Drug Alcohol Testing Program.  […]

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