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Aircraft Financing: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid
Kali M. Hague | July 30, 2014

When purchasing an aircraft, resist the temptation to guess on aircraft financing. Aircraft transactions and the legal financing documents are intricate, complex and contain many concealed restrictions. Such transactions should never be initiated without qualified, professional support. Click here to download full article.   

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Aircraft Insurance 101
Kali M. Hague | April 24, 2014

Insuring your aircraft is substantially more complex than insuring your home or vehicle. Failing to understand insurance agreements is a surefire way to violate existing aircraft agreements or invalidate insurance coverage. Before you sign an insurance contract, make sure your insurance protects you. Click here to download full article.

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Sharing Aircraft Under FAR Part 91
Kent S. Jackson | November 3, 2012

For U.S. Operators, charging someone for a ride in the company jet is a subject thick with claims and counterclaims, ignorance and outright bad behavior.  The arguments are old, but some of the consequences are new.  Today, the IRS may be more likely than the FAA to punish practitioners of any “Part 134 1/2”. Click […]

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Aviation Insurance
Kent S. Jackson | January 4, 2011

The complex relationship between insurance underwriters, reinsurers and the financial markets explains why premium costs often fluctuate wildly even in years where insurance claims are low.  Since you can’t control the financial markets, what can you do to control insurance costs?  Get your broker and/or underwriter to visit your operation. Click here to download full […]

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Flying Political Candidates Under Part 91
Kent S. Jackson | May 1, 2010

The Federal Election Commission has now revised its regulation to interpret and explain the “Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007”.  If your company wants to give a Senator a ride on the corporate jet, the first step is to review FAR Part 91.321. Click here to download full article.

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Moonlighting Mechanics
Kent S. Jackson | September 15, 2008

If the mechanic is an independent contractor then the flight department might not be liable for any mistakes of the mechanic.  If the mechanic is an employee of the flight department, then the company is liable for any negligence of the mechanic.  Know the risks assumed when hiring a moonlighting mechanic. Click here to download […]

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