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ADS-B Installation: Here’s What Happened to Me
Kent S. Jackson | February 12, 2019

First the Good NewsThe FAA is offering $500 rebates with the purchase avionics that have received an ADS-B Technical Standard Order authorization and meet ADS-B Out rule requirements. The rebate, which applies to owners of fixed-wing, single-engine piston aircraft, will run until October 11, 2019 or until the funds run out, whichever comes first. The […]

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Sharing Aircraft Under FAR Part 91
Kent S. Jackson | November 3, 2012

For U.S. Operators, charging someone for a ride in the company jet is a subject thick with claims and counterclaims, ignorance and outright bad behavior.  The arguments are old, but some of the consequences are new.  Today, the IRS may be more likely than the FAA to punish practitioners of any “Part 134 1/2”. Click […]

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IRS Issues Final Regs on Employee Entertainment Use
Kent S. Jackson | August 9, 2012

The IRS finally issued regulations interpreting the provisions for disallowing deductions attributed to aircraft used for entertainment. The final regulation generally follows the proposed regulations, but there are new provisions. Click here to download full news blast.

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An Analysis of the Recent IRS Chief Counsel Advice Asserting that Management Companies are Subject to Transportation Tax
Kent S. Jackson | April 6, 2012

On March 9, the IRS Office of Chief Counsel released a Chief Counsel Advice (CCA) which concluded that an aircraft owner who hired a management company to help operate and maintain the aircraft owed transportation tax on the amounts paid to the management company for management and pilot services. This advice is contrary to the […]

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Return of the Ramp Check
Kent S. Jackson | February 1, 2012

The FAA determined that increasing ramp checks will improve aviation safety, especially for Part 91 pilots. Keep ARROW on board but understand that the required list of items has evolved. Click here to download full article.

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One Accident, Two Stories
Kent S. Jackson | June 1, 2010

On Aug. 1, 1999, a 1968 Cherokee six crashed shortly after takeoff from an airport in Ohio, killing the pilot and three passengers and seriously injuring a fourth passenger.  The NTSB version of the crash found the pilot’s failure to maintain sufficient airspeed and proper trim as the cause.  However, more than a decade after […]

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