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Managed Charter 2.0
Kent S. Jackson | August 6, 2010

For decades, FAR Part 135 charter operators have used their aviation expertise to manage aircraft for companies that own jets for their own use.  The now-common practice of placing these managed corporate aircraft on a charter company’s operations specifications for charter by third parties evolved from this initial management service.  This arrangement, originally called piggybacking, […]

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Flying Political Candidates Under Part 91
Kent S. Jackson | May 1, 2010

The Federal Election Commission has now revised its regulation to interpret and explain the “Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007”.  If your company wants to give a Senator a ride on the corporate jet, the first step is to review FAR Part 91.321. Click here to download full article.

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Small Business Aircraft
Kent S. Jackson | April 2, 2010

There are great tax advantages for small aircraft bought for business use.  Business aviation does not always mean business jet.  You can also show the FAA that your small aircraft is a legitimate business tool.  Join the NBAA and get a copy of its small aircraft exemption for Part 91.501.  Timesharing, interchange, joint ownership with […]

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Saving Taxes With an Aircraft Leasing Company
Kent S. Jackson | August 14, 2009

The sales and use tax laws generally apply only to the purchase and use of property by the final consumer. To avoid taxing intermediate sales, almost all States have a resale exemption which allows resellers to purchase and use property tax-free. This exemption generally applies to lessors. Instead of paying tax on the purchase or […]

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The Reward For Filling the Cabin: More Money
Kent S. Jackson | July 17, 2009

Flying “off the balance sheet” has always occurred at the fringes of our industry, but now it is becoming mainstream.  It shouldn’t be.  The IRS seat approach is virtually harmless to companies that have incorporated corporate aircraft shuttles in their flight operations, because the number of business butts in seats then dominates the calculation.  That […]

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Corporate Aircraft Use Policy
Kent S. Jackson | May 5, 2009

For many years, the majority of corporate flight operators did not feel any need to put their aircraft use policy in writing.  But times have changed. Click here to download full article.

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