Jet Talk

Keeping Your Medical
Kent S. Jackson | August 20, 2019

How to Handle FAA Medical Issues Many pilots fear that a medical misunderstanding will cost them their career. Due to the draconian laws surrounding the FAA medical process, these fears are justified. Since flying is a “privilege” and not a constitutional right, pilots don’t have the legal protections that most Americans take for granted. What […]

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Charter, Jet Card, Fractional or Ownership?
Kent S. Jackson | June 25, 2019

Which One is Right for You? In a simple world, the expected number of flight hours for the year would dictate the choice. But there is substantial overlap between the choices because of the needs and wants of customers. Today’s market for private aviation offers a dizzying array of choices. What benchmarks do advisors use […]

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Improving Charter Safety
Kent S. Jackson | May 22, 2019

NTSB Calls Out Part 135 on Most Wanted List The NTSB just announced the 2019-2020 Most Wanted List. Number Six on the top ten list is “Improve the Safety of Part 135 Aircraft Flight Operations.” As a former charter pilot, I ground my teeth when I read that the FAA doesn’t require on-demand flights “to […]

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Charity Flights
Kent S. Jackson | April 15, 2019

“Charity creates a multitude of sins.” –Oscar Wilde Companies and pilots often assume that no harm could come from offering a ride in the corporate jet at a charity auction. The FARs do allow charity flights under FAR Part 91, but the restrictions are quite narrow. FAR § 91.146 is titled “Passenger-carrying flights for the […]

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ADS-B Installation: Here’s What Happened to Me
Kent S. Jackson | February 12, 2019

First the Good NewsThe FAA is offering $500 rebates with the purchase avionics that have received an ADS-B Technical Standard Order authorization and meet ADS-B Out rule requirements. The rebate, which applies to owners of fixed-wing, single-engine piston aircraft, will run until October 11, 2019 or until the funds run out, whichever comes first. The […]

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Increasing Charter Air Transportation Options
Kent S. Jackson | February 11, 2019

DOT Issues Charter Broker RegulationsThe NTSB called for regulation of air charter brokers after a charter flight crash in Montrose, Colo., in 2014. Fourteen years later, the DOT has published a new set of regulations entitled “Increasing Charter Air Transportation Options.” These new air charter broker regulations provide much needed clarity in the field.  These […]

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