Jetlaw Flight Operations

Jetlaw has relied on business aviation for more than 25 years to meet the firm’s travel needs. Jetlaw’s partners and senior advisors are accomplished pilots. We own and operate our own aircraft under 14 C.F.R. Part 91, logging more than 500 hours annually in our flight operations. We routinely operate in some of the nation’s busiest airspace, including the DC Special Flight Rules Area. In addition to CONUS operations, we operate into Canada and the Caribbean.

Jetlaw understands the regulatory and operational challenges that your flight department handles because we handle those challenges too. We sign hangar leases, schedule maintenance, attend recurrent pilot simulator training, flight plan trips, and we work with handlers on international missions.

Meet Jetlaw's Pilots

Kent Jackson

Kent Jackson is a type-rated airline transport pilot, flight instructor, and repairman. He soloed at 16 and has consistently flown since. Kent flew checks for a Part 135 cargo operation in the 1990s and served as their Chief Pilot. He founded and ran Blue Feather Charter, LLC, a Part 135 air carrier that operated on-demand flights in the Midwest. He served as President and Chief Pilot until 2016. Kent built a Lancair Legacy in 2002, which the firm still operates today. Kent races Once More, a Cassett III-M in the Formula 1 class at the STIHL National Championship Air Races in Reno, NV. He also operates the firm’s Piper Meridan turboprop aircraft.

Kali Hague

Kali Hague is a commercial pilot with a single engine land rating, multi-engine land rating, and a certified flight instructor with instrument privileges. Kali worked in-house for a Part 135 charter operator and aerial mapping operation. She served as Regulatory Compliance Officer for Blue Feather Charter, LLC, a Part 135 carrier that operated on-demand flights in the Midwest. Kali owns a 1946 Luscombe 8E. She competes in the women’s annual, cross country Air Race Classic with her Luscombe. She also operates the firm’s Piper Meridian turboprop aircraft.

Mike Kolich

Mike Kolich is a private pilot. When Mike is not closing deals or reading the FARs, you can find him in the sky looking for the next $100 hamburger.

Ed Young

Ed Young is a commercial pilot with a single engine land and sea rating, multi-engine land rating, and a certified flight instructor with instrument and multi-engine privileges. Ed has extensive flight instructor experience and enjoys flying across the Midwest.

Pete Messina

Pete Messina is a multi-engine, instrument rated Airline Transport Pilot. He owns and operates a Beechcraft Duke aircraft. Pete travels between his Chicago and Atlanta offices and to visit clients across the country.

Dr. Matt Miriani

Dr. Matt Miriani is a captain for a Part 121 air carrier and holds an ATP certificate with a CRJ group type rating (A/CL-65). He is also a commercial helicopter pilot, holds a FAA Repairman certificate, and owns and operates a Piper Malibu.

Rich Carlson

Rich Carlson is an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate and holds Gold Seal Flight Instructor Certificate with time logged in reciprocating engine, turboprop, and turbojet aircraft. Rich has served as a Chief Pilot, Director of Operations, Check Airman, and Chief Flight Instructor. During his career at the FAA, Rich served as a FSDO King Air instructor/check pilot.

Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson first soloed an airplane at age 16 and received his Sport Pilot’s certificate at age 17. He has flown in a wide variety of business aircraft from an early age. Paul has contributed to the Jetlaw Explained book series. He has done extensive research on a wide range of aviation regulatory and policy issues.
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