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Jetlaw’s Explained book series illustrates and explains the policies and rationale behind the FAA regulations. The authors analyze FAA Legal Interpretations, FAA and NTSB enforcement cases, federal case law, FAA Advisory Circulars, Federal Register, Aeronautical Information Manual, and NTSB Decisions to provide the reader with a clear understanding of what a regulation truly means. Each regulation is accompanied by:

  • A plain-English explanation
  • Federal Registry Preamble summary
  • Cross-references to related regulations
  • On-point Advisory Circulars
  • References to the Aeronautical Information Manual
  • FAA, NTSB and federal court case excerpts
  • FAA Legal Interpretations

Jetlaw EXPLAINED: Pilot Edition – 2023


(Hard copy books do not include AIM)

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FARs Explained: Charter Edition