Meet the Team


Meet Kali: 

Kali is Partner at Jetlaw, LLC. She is a commercial pilot and flight instructor. Kali and race partner Robin Laws placed 10th in Kali’s 1946 Luscombe 8E in the 2023 Air Race Classic (Grand Forks, ND to Miami Homestead, FL) as Race #3. They were the slowest aircraft and were absolutely exhausted when they finally landed in FL. Placing 10th made every minute of the race worth it.

Kali also competed in her Luscombe in the 2018 race from Sweetwater, TX to Fryeburg, ME with her race partner Jess Murphy.

Kali completed her flight training at Kansas State University, where she met race partner Robin (Go Wildcats!). Kali first raced in the collegiate division in 2009.

Meet Robin:

Robin Laws is an ATP and flight instructor. She is an accomplished pilot and flight instructor. This is her fifth race. She was excited to race Kali’s Luscombe in 2023, and she decided one race in the Luscombe was enough! She looks forward to buying her own (faster) taildragger.

Robin is a mom to three kids and she flight instructs part-time. A Kansas State University grad (Go Wildcats!), Robin is excited to race a tailwheel with fellow alumna Kali.

Past Races

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