Meet the Team

Race Pilot: Kent Jackson

Kent started racing at the National Championship Air Races in 2016 with his grade school friend, Paul Newman. After sharing Fast and Easy Race 26 the first year, Kent purchased a 1974 Cassutt III M, which became Once More Race 27. After the 2017 race, Kent’s team began updating the aircraft, removing weight and decreasing drag to increase its speed. 

Kent practices in the off season primarily by flying a 1946 Luscombe 8E and his Lancair Legacy, which he built. The Lancair’s speed and maneuverability approximate the Cassutt’s flight characteristics and the Luscombe keeps Kent tailwheel current. 

When Kent flies the Cassutt, he wears a flight suit with Nomex fire protection, Nomex gloves and socks, leather racing shoes with fire protection, and a racing helmet with a built in microphone.

Paul (left) and Kent (right) after a race in Thailand (2017). Once More Race 27 in the background.

Crew Chief: Dave Carter (left)

Dave is a gifted aircraft mechanic (A&P and IA) and a problem solver. He came to aviation after a career in car racing. Dave applies the skills and lessons that he learned as a race driver and race car mechanic to fine tune Race 27’s performance. Dave is also an accomplished pilot.

Crew: Chris Mills (right)

Chris is a talented aircraft mechanic and fabricator. His attention to details and ability to create tooling allowed the team to find unique and creative solutions for building some of the more challenging parts of the airframe.

Crew: Tim Nuhfer

Tim is an engineer and design manager at Structural Design and Analysis, which is one of Once More Race 27’s sponsors. Tim brings his experience in the design, manufacture, integration, and testing of aircraft primary and secondary structures to the race team. Tim redesigned the airframe’s profile to minimize drag, drastically increasing the aircraft’s race speed and stability.

Crew: Matt Woo (not pictured)

Matt is an A&P aircraft mechanic and responsible for the avionics upgrades to Race 27.

Crew: Larry Atkinson (not pictured)

Larry repainted the aircraft and drove the aircraft from Manassas, VA to Reno, NV.

Pit Boss: Kali Hague

Kali has crewed for Kent since 2016. She built wheel pants in 2017 and does what ever the team needs.

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