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Aircraft Insurance 101

Insuring your aircraft is substantially more complex than insuring your home or vehicle. Failing to understand insurance agreements is a surefire way to violate existing aircraft agreements or invalidate insurance coverage. Before you sign an insurance contract, make sure your insurance protects you. Click here to download full article.

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Managed Charter 2.0

For decades, FAR Part 135 charter operators have used their aviation expertise to manage aircraft for companies that own jets for their own use.  The now-common practice of placing these managed corporate aircraft on a charter company’s operations specifications for charter by third parties evolved from this initial management service. 

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Control of Contract Pilots

Part 91 operators have responsibility and civil liability for the actions of independent contract pilots.  According to the FAA, pilots, and perhaps even management companies, must make sure Part 91 operators not only acknowledge operational control, but understand its implications as well. Click here to download full article.

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