We’re in Ponca City!!

870 nm flown. 1,463 nm to go. The weather was difficult today and kept us in Hastings, NE until 4pm. Then the clouds and thunderstorms cleared and we enjoyed a beautiful, smooth flight to Ponca City, OK.

A group racer pic from this morning before the weather cleared in KHSI

Race volunteers welcomed us with a hot, home cooked dinner and ice cream bars. Tomorrow we’re looking forward to eggs and biscuits for breakfast! After a long day of flying and less sleep than we normally have, landing and eating dinner in the FBO is pure joy.

Tomorrow (race day 3) we have an intense day of flying. We expect headwinds on the first two legs (PNC to SLR and SLR to JBR) and a tailwind from JBR to PLR, where we plan to spend the night.

That will leave two legs on the final day of racing, putting us in a better position to reach Homestead, FL by 5:30pm eastern on Friday, the arrival deadline.

Robin and I both raced with K-State when we were students, so we had to snap a picture with these wildcats (we even flew these tail numbers!).
Tied down tight in KPNC.

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